With over forty years of experience in providing dental care, you might think I would be counting down the days until retirement. I could be looking forward to spending all my time with fly rod in hand. Nothing is further from the truth. Each Monday morning I arise excited to get back to my office and a profession I really enjoy. It is my plan to keep at it until I am no longer able. I expect this will be many years in the future.

These are exciting times to be a dentist. New innovations and improvements in old techniques keep dentistry interesting. While the Cerec system of computer designed and milled crowns has been available for 27 years, just in the recent past has it become an excellent option for routine use. Our office has offered Cerec for several years now and it always gratifying to see the results. I provide beautiful crowns in one visit.

Composite resin tooth colored fillings are rapidly replacing silver ones. It is good that I use magnification to place these as otherwise it would be difficult to see where tooth leaves off and the filling starts.

I had hoped that forty years after leaving dental school, I would rarely have to provide dentures. In school, the faculty said that within a short while every one would keep their natural teeth. Unfortunately, that vision has not come to pass, so I often get to use the skills I honed as a young dentist when I worked in an office that specialized in dentures. I still enjoy providing denture service for those that need them.

Dental implants have become a routine part of dental treatment in the last couple of decades. I no longer place the portion that goes into the jaw. I do provide the crowns, bridges and dentures that are implant supported.

Root canal fillings have a bad reputation as being difficult and painful. I think this is because no one ever goes to a party and chats about the painless, slightly boring procedure that typically occurs. The real problem for any dental procedure is eliminating discomfort. I use a modern local anesthetic that is quite effective; more so than the older Novocaine and Lidocaine. Another way to avoid discomfort is to do dental procedures when there is none to begin with! This means finding and fixing problems before they hurt. Early diagnosis and treatment is important in so many areas of medicine. Dentistry is no exception.

I am extremely fortunate to have a very able group of coworkers. Most have been working with me for many years. While this is really good for me, I believe it is great for my patients as well to have a staff that knows and cares for you.

The only drawback to getting my patients in good dental health is that once done, most stay that way. I am always working myself out of a job. So, this is where I say I would love to have you as a new patient. My entire staff and I will strive to be sure you are also in good dental health and then maintain that for the future.