Services Offered

In-house Crowns

These are exciting times to be a dentist.  New innovations and improvements in procedures and technology keep dentistry interesting.  While the Cerec system of computer-designed and milled crowns has been available for 27 years, the newest developments in this evolving technology, as well as newer, harder materials have made it an excellent option for routine use—not just for beautiful front teeth but harder working teeth as well. My office has offered advanced Cerec technology for several years now and it always gratifying to see the results.  Beautiful, durable crowns in one visit. 


Composite resin fillings are increasingly replacing the old-style silver amalgam, with color matching now so good, it becomes hard to see where the natural tooth and filling begin and end without magnification.


In our grandparents' day, teeth were too often routinely pulled and replaced with removable dentures when a person reached advanced age or dental deterioration. Throughout the course of my professional career—with early interventions, improved health education, routine cleanings and treatments—the need for dentures has become far less common. But unfortunately, recourse to dentures has not disappeared altogether. I was trained to fit dentures and am able and eager to offer this service for those with no other reasonable options remaining. As with other aspects of dental care, improvements in fit, comfort and esthetics have been forthcoming with better materials and technology.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become a routine part of dental treatment in the last couple of decades because of their permanence and ability to retain bone and consequently, a more natural, youthful jawline. While I work in partnership with an oral surgeon who surgically places the metal portion of the bone implant, I provide the finishing crowns, bridges or dentures that rely on the base implant.

Root Canal Fillings

Root canal fillings have long had a bad reputation as being difficult and painful.  I think this is because no one ever goes to a party and chats about the painless, slightly boring procedure that nearly always occurs. In addition to improved visualization technologies, the older pain medications such as Novocaine and Lidocaine have been replaced by better, more effective anesthetics.

Support Staff

I am extremely fortunate to have a very able and congenial group of coworkers.  Although my long-time receptionist, Crystal, is now home with her beautiful infant daughter and has understandably decided not to return to work, most all of these people have been working with me for many years.  While this is a happy situation for me, I believe it is great for my patients as well. A smooth working environment is essential for efficiency and customer satisfaction. My support staff are unsurpassed.

New Patients

The only drawback to getting my patients to a point of good dental health is that once there, most stay that way.  Consequently, I am always working myself out of a job.  So, this is where I say I would love to have you as a new patient.  My entire staff and I will strive to be sure you are also in good dental health and then help you to maintain that into the future.